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  • The Gowns

    The Gowns

    17 June 2014

    They've finally arrived. Sir Plus have revolutionised the dressing gown market and (so far) designed two perfect...

  • Sir Plus X Fermoie Update

    Sir Plus X Fermoie Update

    13 June 2014

    Since we last blogged about our new collaboration with Fermoie, we've managed to get an amazing selection...

  • Let no pocket be without a square.

    Let no pocket be without a square.

    10 June 2014

    Few people appreciate the power of the pocket square...

  • Sir Plus X Fermoie

    Sir Plus X Fermoie

    8 May 2014

    Upholstery fabric is something one wouldn't normally use to manufacture clothing, but it works very well for Sir Plus

  • Power Dressing

    Power Dressing

    15 April 2014

    If you want to feel authoritative, in control and professional then apparently you will need to power dress...

  • The Mullet

    The Mullet

    10 April 2014

    Work all day, party all night. Our waistcoats are the best of both worlds.