SP Times

  • The Nehru Jacket

    The Nehru Jacket

    7 October 2014

  • 5am Wake up call!

    5am Wake up call!

    24 September 2014

    Sir Plus on location.

  • Fresh off the Press

    Fresh off the Press

    1 September 2014

    'Get gown on it' and up to date with our newest additions to the dressing gown range. Enrobed with cashmere, wool & cotton. There's also a more quirky variation that we've totally taken 'liberties' with!

  • Ladies, Your Underwear Has Arrived.

    Ladies, Your Underwear Has Arrived.

    21 August 2014

    We're not all about the boys!

  • Very Important People

    Very Important People

    20 August 2014

    Get your virtual basket full, you could win £100 worth of Sir Plus.

  • Feet Up With Fermoie

    Feet Up With Fermoie

    15 August 2014

    We're not chilling, just thrilling. New kooky-coats and a push for new products!